Top 5 Squeegee Materials for Floor Scrubbers

squeegees for floor scrubbers

Are you having trouble finding the best squeegee material for your floor scrubber? At, we carry a variety of squeegee materials so that you can find the perfect match for your type of flooring. Here is a breakdown of the top 5 squeegee materials and their use:


Engineered from Natural Rubber using advanced technology to perform as good as or better than Linatex®. Excellent tear resistance.

Ideal environment: Excellent results in many conditions, especially uneven and abrasive surfaces.

Red Gum Rubber –

A man-made synthetic engineered to perform like Linard®. Excellent tear resistance. This is a harder material than Premium Red that helps reduce squeegee noise. Primarily specified for front squeegees.

Ideal environment: Excellent results in many conditions.

Uretek™ (Polyurethane) –

Uretek™ squeegees are engineered to perform as good as or better than OEM blades. They are extremely chemical-resistant and perform well in environments where oil or chemicals are present. Urethane squeegees are the best for use on rough surfaces and on old or uneven floors. They are typically the most expensive blades, but due to their excellent wear life, offer a great value.

Ideal environment: Applications that require oil and chemical resistance. Rough surfaces.

Gum Rubber (Tan) –

A man-made synthetic that is typically beige or tan, Gum Rubber squeegees offer maximum water collection on indoor floors that are smooth and even. Gum Rubber is not recommended for use in oily environments as it absorbs oil, which changes its structural integrity and dramatically reduces its effectiveness. Gum Rubber squeegees will wear faster than any of the other types of squeegee blades but are usually the least expensive.

Ideal environment: General purpose. Smooth, even floors with light traffic. Indoors.

Ribbed Urethane – Ribbed Urethane squeegee blades are found on dual direction scrubbers and are sometimes used as front blades on conventional machines. 

If you need help finding which material would be best for your unique application, please send us a message at

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