Top 5 Floor Scrubber Brush Types

If you’ve made the investment in an automatic floor scrubber, you want to make sure you are getting the best possible performance from your machine by selecting the right type of brush.

Not all floor scrubber brushes are created equal. There are different types of materials available that perform better on certain types of surfaces. Here is a breakdown of the top 5 types of brushes available for floor scrubbers from

This material is highly efficient as an all-purpose filament for indoor
and outdoor sweeping applications, including damp or humid
environments. It is not recommended for high-temperature sweeping
applications. Proex is polypropylene and derives its name from the
X-shape of the bristle. A mixture of Proex and Crimped Wire is the
most versatile and widely used filament combination. Our standard
Proex is a mixture of three diameters, .015″/.025″/.035″. We also
offer stiffer options in .035″/.055″ and .055″.

This highly productive filament has an excellent brush life in dry
sweeping conditions. Nylon performs well on rough surfaces and in
high-temperature environments because of its durability and high
melting point. As a more flexible material, Nylon is longer lasting in
scrubbing applications. Performance is less when conditions are
wet or humid. Our standard Nylon for sweeping is a .030″ diameter
and for scrubbing, .018″ and .025″. We offer other diameters
ranging from .010″ to .060″ and in grades 6.0, 6.6 and 6.12.

The most popular filament in scrubbing applications, Poly is
efficient for use with most soils and surfaces. Although Poly is
more economical than Nylon, it is not recommended for sweeping
high-temperature debris. The most popular diameter in our
cylindrical brushes is .025″ but we also offer a stiffer version in
.036″ and a softer version in .016″.

This Nylon filament is impregnated with silicon carbide grit particles.
Our grit filaments are offered in .070″/46, .050″/80, .040″/120,
.035″/180, .022″/120, and .018″/500. The two numbers designate
the filament diameter and the grit particle size. The first number is
the diameter and the larger the diameter, the stiffer the bristle. The
second number is the particle size and, like sandpaper, the smaller
the number, the more aggressive the scrubbing.

Natural Fiber
Union is a natural fiber comprised of a mixture of Tampico and
Bassine fibers. It is highly efficient for dust control and sweeping
fine debris. It has a relatively shorter wear life versus other synthetic
materials. For sweeping, Union is normally mixed with wire to
provide more stiffness. Tampico can be used alone as a natural
fiber for scrubbing as it offers exceptional water retention and
superior heat and chemical resistance.

At, we can find you the right material for your brush. Feel free to call, or send us a message with your floor type, make & model of floor scrubber, and the brush size.

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