How to find the best deals on floor scrubber brushes and squeegees.

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Before purchasing brushes, squeegees, filters, and other consumable parts for your floor scrubber, check if there are aftermarket options available for your machine. Many of the top floor care equipment manufacturers like Tennant, Advance, Clarke, Factory Cat, and more have aftermarket parts options available for purchase online. Often, the cost of these aftermarket parts can be up to 40% less than buying them directly from the manufacturer.

Just type in your part number, equipment model, or other information about your machine in the search bar at and see the wide selection of aftermarket parts we have available. If you are unsure of part numbers or don’t know the type of material you need for your brushes or squeegees, send an email to

Use caution when purchasing floor scrubber parts through online marketplaces like Amazon or Wal-Mart. Many of the sellers on these platforms do not stock these parts but will order them from unknown suppliers and direct-ship them to your home or business. At, we only use the highest quality aftermarket suppliers like Cardinal Brush Co. (Olathe, KS). You can be assured you are getting quality products at value pricing. There are many promotions available for free or discounted shipping to the continental United States from, as well. is operated by Wisconsin Scrub & Sweep, a leader in floor scrubber and sweeper sales, rentals, and service.

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