4 Resources for Maintaining Your Cleaning Equipment!

Every cleaning business owner knows how important it is to keep their equipment in good working order. Well-maintained tools perform better, clean faster, and last longer. You should always put in far more than the bare minimum when you want to do something right. This extra effort will save your time and money, especially if you’re working on a project that involves heavy machinery. By maintaining your machines properly, you will be able to reduce the number of repairs required and maximize the lifespan of your machines. It will last longer and have a higher resale value if you maintain it. Take a look below and remember the following points for maintaining your cleaning equipment.

Explore the Manuals

Your equipment comes with manuals and handbooks. It’s critical that everyone who will be operating the machinery reads this manual and receives training. Nobody knows the equipment and its requirements better than the manufacturer providing this manual. Their instructions will assist you in getting the most out of your machines. 

Even after years of use, you can discover new capabilities of your equipment. These manuals can serve as a quick reference for ensuring you have the proper tools for the job. Such manuals may include highlights from the original handbook about how to operate the machine and all safety precautions. Accidents and costly damage can be easily avoided when a machine’s operators understand it completely.

Contact Customer Service

Some things indeed require the expertise of a specialist; not everyone is gifted in all areas.

This is when you should contact your manufacturer’s skilled customer service team if one is available. They can assist you in locating and ordering parts or arranging a service technician to visit your location to assist you in troubleshooting the problems. Alternatively, if you would like to have routine maintenance executed on your equipment, service plans help keep your upkeep on track, preventing major breakdowns.

Parts Manuals

Every machine has a parts manual, similar to the operator manual, that contains a detailed list of parts and components for your machine and top view visuals that show how the parts connect and fit together. On the manufacturer’s online website, parts manuals can be found on each machine’s blog. This will also assist you in fully comprehending the machine and preventing you from inadvertently damaging it in the future.

Instruction Bulletins

Additional instruction bulletins are available for most equipment to assist with the replacement or installation of specific items on your machine. Replace your disc scrub head, replace the module, install a battery cable kit, or install telemetry as part of this. These instruction bulletins are available on each product page of the manufacturer’s website, along with the operator and parts manuals. The problems can be identified using specific data and instructions. Then you can devise solutions to correct or avoid them in the future.

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