3 essential parts to keep your Viper floor scrubber performing in peak condition.

Congrats on owning a Viper floor scrubber! Viper is considered by many to be the value leader for commercial floor care equipment. Keeping your floor machine in good condition is key to getting a good return on your investment in terms of the equipment’s performance and useful life. Here are 5 essential parts to have on hand for your Viper floor scrubber-

  1. SQUEEGEES – The squeegees you use with your machine will be your first consumable part to wear out. There are many materials available depending on the floor you are cleaning. Tip: Flip your squeegees over for a new edge and extend their useful life.
  2. FLOOR PADS/BRUSH – If your scrubber has a pad driver, it uses floor pads to scrub the floor. Floor pads are typically sold in cases of 5 and each floor pad is useful for about 3,000 square feet. Be sure to stock up! If your scrubber has a brush with it, its always best to keep a spare one near it so you don’t run into any backorder/supply issues should you need one right away.
  3. SOLUTION FILTER – One of the most common service calls on floor scrubbers we get has to do with water/solution not reaching the brush. These is typically caused by a clogged solution (screen) filter and can easily be cleaned or replaced. These are not expensive at all, so be sure to have a few on hand. If you are using a cleaning detergent with your water for your scrubber, you will use more of these.

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